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Although all control valve applications are sized according to operating conditions and to ensure adequate valve opening for control, the anti-surge does require particular attention. Usually, the valve specification states the exact requirements.
For instance, the maximum opening range of the valve designed Cv. These are specified to ensure that when the valve is brought into service, it can control the flow so that the compressor does not move towards a surge condition. An additional requirement for this application is that the valve responds quickly under either a trip or modulating condition. This requires complex accessories such as volume booster and quick release valve under stable control and operation.
Another problem with this application is vibration. One of the main contributors to vibration is the piping configurations that are often created in an attempt to minimize the footprint of the plant. This, together with adverse operating conditions such as high pressure drop, can result in vibration problems. To counter this, CS applies a specific set of rules in selecting valves for this application.
In most operation range, the valve control is stable, however, in some cases, the valve¡¯s feedback is unstable. For example, the input signal is to close, while the valve is still open. Coincided with that problem, the SPL suddenly increases, which is not because of the aerodynamic noise, but the serious vibration.
In this example, numerous attempts at resolving the problem only partly solved it. A complete review of the process was undertaken, and various modifications to the trim design and guiding were incorporated into the replacement trim. The valve was put back into service and retested. To verify the performance of the modification, a slight sinusoidal signal was incorporated into the input signal.

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