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In 1979, CS original trim is a cage-guided design. Working pressure drop was 100 Bar (1450PSI). After two weeksĄŻ operation, the valve trim was severely eroded, due to the particles in medium.

Over the next two years, CS developed another trim design, introducing various enhancements to ensure that the trim could withstand the natural erosion of the medium.


These enhancements included the introduction disposal of a dead-band, plug, the sealing face of the seat, and the application of solid tungsten carbide for the main trim. The features of this design were patented. And they have been the basis of anti-cavitation trim design in severe service. As well as an option within the globe control valve product series.


The success of the trim design using tungsten carbide shows a relatively small amount of erosion to the protected part after two years of operation. This development led CS into the design and manufacture of the highly regarded anti-cavitation valve.

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